WE build

Vibrant, healthy places

When the connection is frequent and natural;

where mind and spirit are engaged;

where the environment itself promotes vitality, and

where meaningful commerce is interwoven into the

fabric of the community.


An Ancient Way of Seeing;

A New Way of Doing

The Sky Institute is analyzing and reevaluating how we 

build, with the ultimate goal of creating a transformative 

place that will change the way we live.


Living Laboratories

The Sky Institute provides research-based design and construction solutions for communities that address the principles of environmental stewardship, legacy design, and agrarian traditions. The institute creates and incubates transformative ideas in “Living Laboratory” settings that are geographically, socio-economically, and ecologically diverse to spawn healthy communities and to educate current and future generations.


Research is performed intentionally in the “Living Laboratories” in collaboration with universities, students, scientists, engineers, planners, architects, and the research labs of independent building product manufacturers to test and refine their innovations in our Sky communities and buildings. We work to authenticate the value and performance of their products and designs in isolation and as integrated systems. Through the exhibitions of sustainable technologies working in harmony with people and planet, the Sky Institute provides the instruments for launching the next generation of design concepts, products and materials that will change the way we live and interact with our environment.


The Sky Institute opens new markets to inventors and entrepreneurs and reduces the barriers and costs to enter those markets by providing international platforms to test and integrate the latest advances that will create a sustainable future.