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We are the Sky Institute

We have a Bold Mission.

We are leading the movement towards a new way of building for the 21st century. Driven by research, reflection, and greater social and environmental awareness, the collective aspiration of our planners, scientists, architects, environmental engineers, environmental defense attorneys, food producers, scholars, and students are inventing the village of the future.

We are making the theoretical real.


In the 21st century there is a modern breed of thinkers whose mindset is both traditional and boldly innovative. 

Stewards of the land, we long to thrive within the natural beauty of the environment while seeking innovation - the brightest ideas, the most sophisticated technologies, and the preservation and regeneration of precious, natural resources.

We seek a place that is transformative yet classic, sophisticated yet Old World - a more harmonious way of living that curbs our impact on the environment, creates meaningful commerce, and defines a lifestyle that balances the science of living and the art of living.



Vibrant, healthy places.

Where the connection is frequent and natural;

where mind and spirit are engaged;

where the environment itself promotes vitality, and

where meaningful commerce is interwoven into the 

fabric of the community.


In The Air of Exotic Possibility

Graceful. Insightful. Bold. The Sky Institute inspires us to taste the fruits of the land and to preserve its natural resources, with an integrity that shapes our actions in the present and our impact on the future.

Sky is gardens, orchards, flowers and fields, and continues the legacy of the cultivation of them for future generations. We sponsor didactic gardens, test farms, organic urban farms, roof gardens, community gardens, and host of other beautiful and pragmatic means of local food production.


The unique, extraordinary personalities poetically depicting the natural beauty rooted all around us. This artist collective sheds light on pivotal environmental issues by harnessing the raw beauty found in the often overlooked.

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