Legacy Design

Planted firmly in tradition and armed with a sense of urgency, energy, and insight, we are cultivating plans for our future with a distinctly exploratory approach.

Assessing the dystopian implications of the built environment of today and designing and building living laboratories for tomorrow, the Sky institute serves as an international incubator of ideas and ideals for building in the 21st century.

We are creating the foundation of our future

  • Imagining it • Designing it
  • Building it • Inhabiting It
  • Landscaping it • Evolving it

We are elevating ideas, conserving resources, and spawning new visions. Together, we are working to plant seeds for the future and realizing the dream for a blueprint of more lasting ways of living.



Models in admitting natural light and ventilation, configured to amplify breezes, and with north-facing clerestory to reduce the need for electric lighting. Raised on piers, treading lightly, preserving the woodlands and natural drainage patterns. Buildings of light construction that conserve natural resources.

To observe, hover above and not disturb.

Merging buildings with their natural surroundings, buildings with restraint and respect for nature. 

Farm house

Buildings designed for generations, that integrate technology with older strategies. What we leave our children’s children, with nobility of materials. A traditional type that is simultaneously elemental and original, embedded with style, drama, romance.

Digging deep in the dirt, connecting with the earth. The heritage of working the land, the cultivation of resources, judicious approaches to the Earth’s resources, productive land in balance with natural ecological systems.


Garden Cottages

Anchored by tradition and climate focusing on the vernacular as a repository of ecological wisdom, where technology and tradition are comfortably linked.

Walled, courtyards, gardens, enveloped in green walls, contained growth, espaliered fruit trees, arbors, verandahs, galleries, breezeways.

Modern Farm

The landscape is modified with installations of productive planting, groves of fruit-bearing trees, arbors, water reservoirs, fences, sheds, windmills, refined, advanced elements of pastoral lifestyle. 

Beautifully embedded in and adapted to their context and climate.



Solar Lofts

Designs emerging from the interactive process of every aspect of their setting, local building traditions based on locally available materials and craftsmanship, climate, geology, hydrology, ecology.

High performance energy efficiency, atonement to the sun.

Tent Dweller

Touching the wild, nomadic, unrestrained. A didactic model of disengagement with the land, transporting us into the wilds of a different place. Overhangs designed to allow the building to be ventilated through open windows, to break the force of wind against these, and to intercept the rain so that the windows may be safely left open at night to allow nighttime purging of summer heat. Those who prefer sensual awareness brought by gently fluctuating conditions…the wind, the sun, and the rain.

tentdweller (1).jpg