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Invigorated by the energy of the sky and calmed by the movement of the wind through the trees, adapting appropriate styles of building, using immediately available materials to create luxury, so completely integrated into the surrounding environment as to be scarcely noticeable - informed with a spirit that is not primitive yet intensely modern.


To excite and challenge the innovative thinking of artisans, scientists, and gardeners. The convergence of art, craftsmanship, and science that lays the groundwork for the Sky Institute to stimulate architecture.


The inspirational qualities of this new spirit - the passion for the land, the sky, the water, the forests, and the fields - refreshingly simple solution to a less complicated way of life. 

An Invitation

To universities, inventors and dreamers, building product manufactures, educators, public agencies, business leaders, energy technology systems manufacturers, conservation and environmental advocates, urban planners, and foundations to collaborate with the Sky Institute.


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