we grow


we grow

In The Air of Exotic Possibility

Graceful. Insightful. Bold. The Sky Institute inspires us to taste the fruits of the land and to preserve its natural resources, with an integrity that shapes our actions in the present and our impact on the future.

Sky is gardens, orchards, flowers and fields, and continues the legacy of the cultivation of them for future generations. We sponsor didactic gardens, test farms, organic urban farms, roof gardens, community gardens, and host of other beautiful and pragmatic means of local food production.

Honoring our environmental stewardship

We dwell in the vital interface between human habitat and the natural habitat, the delicate balance of productive land to natural land.

We are working to preserve our precious natural resources, land water, and sky, the very air we breathe. We are reducing energy consumption. We are harvesting water, and reusing water. We are conserving land, and creating protocol for the production of productive natural environments, the tidal marsh, estuaries, and spawning grounds.

We seek to restore, renew, and replenish and fecundity of the Earth. 



Reviving Agrarian cultures

With the design of food producing places, 

in the ancient tradition of agricultural villages,

that aggregates density and allows for the preservation of surrounding farmlands,

the reinvigorates the historic permaculture practices of our Founding Fathers. 

This is the gate to my garden. I invite you to enter in:
Not only into my garden but into the world of gardens - a world as old as the history of man, and as a new as the latest contribution of science;
A world of mystery, adventure and romance; a wold of poetry and philosophy; a world of beauty, and a world of work.
— Elizabeth Lawrence